We have added a small question and answer section to try and help with the most asked question when having your film developed and scanned. We will keep adding to this as questions are asked.

Q. You are small company, what chemistry do you use and does it matter?

A. We use Kodak chemistry with a De-ionised water system and run control strips regularly so you get the full colour and contrast range from your negatives.

Q. What scanners do you use and why?

A. We use the Noritsu HS-1800 scanners and Fuji SP-3000

Q. Can I have my scans as a Tif file?

A. No. We have found very limited benefit to 8 bit tif files from the 8bit jpg files we offer. You can easily save out the jpg files to tif if you are going to work on them in a photo editor.

Q. Can I have my negative scanned with no adjustments.

A. In short No! Manually or automatically all negatives to some point have to be corrected by either density or colour. The art of scanning is really trying to look at the negative and preempt what the photographer was trying to achieve. As an example if you shot a series of portrait photographs and one of them was taken in a shaded location that negative on daylight balanced film would be a slightly different colour and would need to be corrected to match the other set. In the case of the Fuji scanner there are other options for holding highlights and opening shadows which can help with contrasty negatives.

Q. Do you offer the option of working with me to get the look I’m after.

A. Yes. The negative is just the start and we offer free push processing up to 3 stops. In scan we can work with you to make your negatives and your chosen film stock custom to the way you want it in regard to tones, contrast and colour.

Q. Do you offer a printing service.

A. No

Q. How do I get my images.

A. When your order is completed you will receive an email with a link so that you can download your full size images. You will then receive your negatives shortly after by post.

For any further questions please email us.

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