Who We Are

filmdev is a small company dedicated to photographers who still shoot film. The revival of film is here due to its amazing ability and uniqueness to create that personal look, but it can be difficult or near impossible to find a a company that will not only develop your film with care but can also scan your film the way you want it every time.

We use the latest equipment for film developing and both the Fuji Frontier SP-3000™ and Noritsu HS-1800™ for scanning both renowned for their amazing rendition of different film stocks. We can also work with you to create your own custom look for consistent results from your chosen film stock. Send us a roll in the post and see what we can do for you. You can check out our sample scans page to see more examples of different film stock. And remember if we use any of your images to showcase our high standard of service we offer you 3 Rolls of film both developed and scanned for free. So whether you are a professional or amateur photographer we cater for all the popular c41 film formats from 35mm to 6×9 medium format. So why not try filmdev for your film development and scanning requirements where you are assured of consistent quality every time!

Thank you

The filmdev team!